Update from Zambia: A New Maternity Clinic

 Mission Co-workers Charles and Melissa Johnson serving in Lundazi, Zambia, at the invitation of the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian  have shared the need for a roof on a maternity clinic in the town of Egichikeni.

Martha Nyirenda waiting at the Egichikeni Maternity Clinic for her new baby to arrive

“There are so many healthcare needs in this community of 7,400. Despite limited resources and infrastructure, the staff is accomplishing amazing things. Mr. Ingundi, the nurse and in-charge, has had only one maternal death since his arrival in 2013. He has delivered over 1,000 babies since his arrival and sees an average of 90 patients per day. Although the facility has only 2 beds and several filthy mattresses on the floor, the women of the community trust him and his ability to deliver their babies safely. This is evidenced by the number of  pregnant women who are staying at the clinic waiting to go into labor so they can have their babies delivered safely by Mr. Ingundi, despite the fact that the area of the clinic for women waiting to deliver their babies, the mother care shelter, is unfinished due to lack of resources.”

The new Maternity Clinic is nearing completion.


It is obvious that help is needed. Central can finance the building of the roof and provide extra dollars for other amenities (bedding, sheets, pillows, etc.) for $4-5,000. Be watching for more information this month about how you can help !


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