Adverse Weather Conditions

When Snow and Other Winter Weather Comes to our corner of Indiana, and you’re not sure if you should venture out for Sunday worship or some other weekday or night program at Central, please keep the following in mind:

1. Be Safe –If you don’t think it’s safe to be out and/or that you would endanger yourself and others by trying to drive in the snow, stay home and create your own time of worship by reading several Psalms and other favorite scriptures, and offering prayers for the safety of those who must be out in the weather.

2. Sunday Morning Snow Removal– The snow removal service that Central employs is to have our parking lots and sidewalks cleared by 8:00 a.m. on Sunday mornings. In addition, the Trustee-Of-The-Month and the Sunday morning custodian are in place to keep access to the church as safe as possible.

3. Check Church Website, your E-mail or Call – If it is possible, we will have someone answering the phone at church (742-8481) to let you know if worship, Sunday school and other church programming will take place. Also, if it is possible, we will send out a mass email with the same information and post information on this website.

4. Ice – Snow is one thing, ice is another matter altogether. If there is an ice storm and media outlets are reporting that the roads are dangerous – STAY HOME – and again, create your own time of worship.

5. When the Church is Closed – If the church staff believes that safe access to the building cannot be maintained – such as an evening program when no custodial staff is present – they will make the decision to close the building and cancel any scheduled programming. News of this type of closing will be shared with Channel 18 in Lafayette, and again if possible, the church web page will be updated to reflect the closing and a church-wide email will be sent. To make sure you are included in email communication, please email your current email information to our Office Manager Laurie Kuhn.