Greetings to everyone there at Central!

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We arrived back in Lundazi on Saturday.  We had hoped to be here by Wednesday, but I was not feeling well when we arrived and Charles was missing a bag.  Thankfully both of those issues resolved themselves and we arrived on Saturday to our new normal of no electricity and no water.  This is the very end of dry season and because all the electricity is hydroelectric Lundazi has been suffering from very challenging electrical outages.  We had no power from Saturday – Monday night.  We were very grateful for the use of our fans last night and being able to fully charge all of our various devices.  The power has just gone off again after being on for about 18 hours.  Hopefully it will be back before 3 days like last time.  

Charity, our housekeeper, helped us through the worst of the water situation by carrying water from the borehole for us.  Because there was power last night, we were able to fill our reserve tank and now have a couple of large barrels full of water as well.  Luckily we were able to get all our dirty laundry washed before the water went off again.  We would appreciate your prayers for a plentiful rainy season that will fill all the lakes and rivers and allow power to resume soon. 

 We would love to have a group visit!  Short of that, there are a variety of ways that we could build connections.  Cards and letters are one way.  Creating social media groups through Facebook or WhatsApp would be another.  Most people here use one or the other to stay connected.  Most people do have internet access through their cell phones.  Emails, like this one, would be another way.  Let’s definitely continue thinking about how to make this happen.  

 We are also so very thankful that God brought us together.  


Charles and Melissa


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Annual Community Thanksgiving Meal

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Join with friends old and new for a special time of food and fellowship on Thanksgiving Day.

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“Advent Adventure – A Workshop for All Ages”

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10:00 – 11:00 a.m. Large Fellowship Hall

The hour will begin with carol singing followed by craft activities to prepare us for Advent. Activities will include making Advent Calendars, Nativity set painting, angel decorations, gifts to make for friends and families, angels, cookie decoration, and tree ornaments, to name a few. Come and be part of this all ages church event, as we celebrate Advent and prepare our hearts for the Christ child.


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A Year of Progress for One 17 International

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Our Mission:To build and operate schools for the left behind in places of urgent physical and spiritual need.

Who are the left behind? – Any student left out of school due to circumstances surrounding their age, ability level, gender, family situation, or socioeconomic status. Any person who has never heard the name of Jesus or experienced the hope and transformation of His gospel.


As we look back at the 2016-17 school year, we are humbled and amazed by the work God invited us to complete. Three words summarize our year: progress, provision, and preparation.
To see the complete report follow this link: One 17 International Annual Report


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Helped Needed for Jubilee Christmas, Saturday December 9

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Reach out to our community, exhibit God’s great love for all of us in Jesus Christ by hosting families who need a little help so their Christmas can be joyous.

Sign up now, click here, to host a parent, help with set up or clean up, buy some toys for children under 13 years of age, adopt and fill a basket, bake cookies and or pray for the morning. In addition if you would like to also make a cash gift there, are envelopes available at both services or you may go to our secure donations page by clicking here.

Have questions, want to volunteer or find out more about how you can help? Call Jill Lynn 765- 404-4665 or Chip Goldsberry  765-427 -0438.

Sign-up sheets are also available at both services and the office.

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