Summer Break in Haiti

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Just like here in Indiana summer is a time for the kids in Haiti to have some down time but at Project 117 they are also making this an opportunity to ensure everyone and everything  is ready for the fall.


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More News From Mission Team:

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Project 117 – This is What It is All About


Central has supported Project 117 for several years. Over this time we have seen the positive impact of the  program spread as well as an increase in the number of children and families that are being served. This year we will be supporting Project 117  with a contribution of $1,000. The World Support Mission team will keep you updated on this exciting and promising outreach program with news of happenings, personal stories, as well as ways to participate. Stay Tuned!

Mission: To build and operate schools for the left behind in Haiti.  Any student—young or old—in need of school. At any given moment, a child can be left behind in Haiti. Maybe their parents can no longer afford to pay for school. Maybe a student gets sick from dirty   drinking water and misses a year of school.  Maybe the family needs the child to work around the house or in the family field. Maybe the student—now an adult—never had the opportunity to go to school in the first place. No matter the  circumstance,  every student has a right to be in school

Vision: We see every child having the opportunity to attend school. We see each and every student as  created uniquely by God, which means that no one is left behind. We see students discovering their role in God’s story. We see our graduates going on to college. We see our students becoming pastors and teachers and non-profit change-makers. We see them starting businesses and revitalizing Haiti’s economy. We see doctors, engineers,  educators, politicians, writers, entrepreneurs, preachers, mechanics, artist, and mechanics  rising up out of our schools to make Haiti a more beautiful place. We see hope through  education .

Core Values:

  • Storytelling Every story and every voice matters. We share the stories of our staff, students, volunteers, and communities in a way that glorifies God.
  • EmpowermentYoung or old, staff or student or volunteer, we believe that God created every person with intention, purpose, and a story to tell. We equip people to discover that purpose and step into their role in God’s story
  • CollaborationGod equips us to be the light of the world by giving us a     specific role to play. By pursuing partnership and collaboration, we multiply our impact as we join with other churches, organizations, and individuals.
  • Action“Not my job” isn’t in our vocabulary. When we see something that needs doing, whether it is standing against injustice or  cleaning a classroom, we glorify God by rising to the challenge and taking action

“Learn to do right! Seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.” Isaiah 1:17




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Central is Partnering with the Johnson’s

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Tuesday evening, June 27, here at Central, over 20 people heard Charles and Melissa Johnson tell in words and pictures about their mission in Zambia. Their work as you may have heard, is very hands on with their partner, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian’s Zambia Synod and is strongly focused on teaching better farming practices and crop storage to improve food security in the area.


It was a very interactive presentation with many excellent question from the attendees. To those who were there we extend our thanks. We know from your comments that you were inspired, as were we, by what has been accomplished so far. If you were not able to come, you will be glad to learn that we all will have the chance to hear more about the Johnson’s and their mission over the next several months, as Central has now officially partnered with Charles and Melissa and thus will be receiving regular updates, on their progress, to be share with everyone.


In return, as a partner, Central has promised to encourage the Johnsons with our prayers, our money and our support. This year we will be sending them $2,000, through Presbyterian World Mission. Material about Charles and Melissa and their mission is still available in the rear of each worship area as well as envelopes to make individual contributions to show your own support of their work.

Special Thanks to Lynne and Terry Phillips for hosting the Johnsons overnight in their home and for providing refreshments for the evening. They had excellent help from Nancy Spurgeon and Carolyn Goldsberry.

For more information about the Johnsons and their work, please access the following site:

They can also be followed on: Facebook at Life in Lundazi; Instagram: life in lundazi; Twitter; lifeinlundazi; Their blog: Life in Lundazi; and see photos at http://www.charlesjohnsonphoto.comPlease mention them in your prayers.


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Women’s Issues in 2017 – Join the Conversation! Sunday Mornings This Summer 10:00 – 11:00 A.M.

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Meeting in Room 114 of the Education Building.  Upcoming classes:                                                                   

July 23  Under-Representation in Politics – Shelia Klinker, Sally Siegrist, Kathy Parker and Nancy Nargi                                                                                                                

July 30  Women’s Issues and the Bible – Pastor Lucia Oerter -Central Presbyterian

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Come Root for Our Team! Here’s the Schedule!

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For any questions about our team, games, or the league, contact Bones Javens at 532-2398 or Jeff Beardmore at 418-0183.  See you at the games!


Central Presbyterian Softball 2017 Schedule

Thursday, July 27 6:00p Arni Cohen 1 CPC at Power Strokers
Wednesday, August 2 6:00p Blessed Sacrament Ready, Fire, Aim at CPC
Thursday,    August 3 7:20p Arni Cohen 1  CPC at Bruise Channel 18



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