Summer Adult Education Series – Sundays – June 3 – 24, 2018

Meeting in Room 10:00 am in Room  114

June 3 –Servant Leadership and Political Leadership: Leadership of the Bible and Today

Join us and explore models of leadership that impact you.  Service Leadership and Political Leadership will be explored and the characteristics of these models of leadership. Folks who participate in the class will have opportunities to discuss leadership and what it means to them.

 June 10 – Should Women Lead?  (Empowering Women to Lead)

Women have played pivotal roles in leading the Church and God’s people throughout the Bible. Many of these women are lesser known and not given the recognition they should have regarding the lessons in leadership for women today. The characteristics and actions of these women portrayed in the stories we read are as relevant today as they were in the times these women lived. Deborah & Jael, Queen of Sheba, Eve, and Huldah will be discussed.

 June 17 – Should Men Lead?  (Empowering Men to Lead)

BIBLICAL STYLES OF LEADERSHIP – This session will focus on some of the male leaders in the Old Testament (Nehemiah, Joshua, Elijah) and New Testament (Peter, Paul, Barnabas) and will examine their styles of leadership. We will focus on several Biblical passages to gain some insight into what motivated these men at thetime they emerged as leaders. We will examine their leadership styles to see if we have any motivation or commitments that are similar.

 June 24  – Reflections of Leadership and You

 A sharing of leadership thoughts, perspectives, and styles and how you can be the “leader” you want to be. Leadership opportunities in the community and at Central will be shared.


Women of the Word (WOW)

Inviting any and all women! You don’t have to be a member of Central to be a part of this great group which meets on Wednesday’s mornings from 9:30 – 11:30 am  in the Small Fellowship Hall, September – April.  It’s a time for sharing concerns, joys and fellowship while finding understanding, direction and guidance in the Bible.  No need to sign up a head of time, just show up.

Would love to see you there! Click here to learn more about fellowship opportunities for women