Seasons Greetings from Charles and Melissa Johnson



We are all unpacked and settled back in and trying to get back into our routine. That routine is a little different from when we left in June. It’s the very end of dry season here and electricity has been a major problem. Since we’ve been back on Saturday we have had no electricity or water. Adjusting to new routines will take a while. Please pray that it starts raining here soon so the hydroelectric plant will start working again.

For those of you that have Facebook here are some short videos to enjoy, just click on the highlighted text.

From last week enjoy  this music . I think very few of us have the stamina to sing so joyfully.

And these two others from  services we attended in 2016:

This first video is of the offering. Each name on the offering box represents a prayer house. A number of prayer houses make up a congregation; with all the prayer houses a congregation may have up to 3,000 members served by one pastor.

This second video is from when Melissa and I worshiped at Mtendere Congregation one morning, where we also celebrated our first communion in Zambia. The music in worship was beyond amazing.


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