International Mission

 Sharing God’s Abundance Around the World

Making a Difference in the World

At Central Presbyterian we desire to make a difference in our local community, and to reach out in Christ’s name to the entire world. By supporting ministries and participating with our own members in ministries around the globe, we seek to share the Good News and compassion of Jesus Christ.


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International Missions

Central Presbyterian reaches out throughout the world through Presbyterian Church USA’s Mission Partnership program. PC USA’s World Mission equips participants to engage in God’s mission: to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, help the most vulnerable—women and children, and promote reconciliation within cultures of violence.

Two of the groups we co sponsor with the Presbyterian Church USA and other churches are:

Charles and Melissa Johnson –

serving as missionaries assisting the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian’s Zambia Synod expand its ministry of community development and food security. Charles is a development specialist, and Melissa as an assistant.

The particular focus of their mission is to support and help with the development of the Chasefu Model Farm, an agricultural project of Chasefu Theological  College, which provides food for its students as well as providing opportunities for future pastors to learn agricultural techniques. After training these pastors are able to supplement their income through farming and to also share their agricultural knowledge with people in the communities they serve. In addition to agriculture, the Johnsons work with the CCAP on projects related to clean water, micro-credit, health, and education

  One 17 International

whose mission is to build and operate schools for the left behind in Haiti. Any student—young or old—in need of school. At any given moment, a child can be left behind in Haiti. Maybe their parents can no longer afford to pay for school. Maybe a student gets sick from dirty drinking water and misses a year of school. Maybe the family needs the child to work around the house or in the family field. Maybe the student—now an adult—never had the opportunity to go to school in the first place. No matter the circumstance, every student has a right to be in school!

Project 117’s  Vision: We see every child having the opportunity to attend school. We see each and every student as  created uniquely by God, which means that no one is left behind. We see students discovering their role in God’s story. We see our graduates going on to college. We see our students becoming pastors and teachers and non-profit change-makers. We see them starting businesses and revitalizing Haiti’s economy. We see doctors, engineers,  educators, politicians, writers, entrepreneurs, preachers, mechanics, artist, and mechanics  rising up out of our schools to make Haiti a more beautiful place. We see hope through  education .