Pipe Organ

Music – Apart from the voices of the worshipers and choirs, the pipe organ has historically been the primary instrument for musically expressing and sharing our faith. Its unique breadth and depth of sound has the ability to touch us deeply and experience God in ways we never could otherwise.

Central Presbyterian’s Schantz pipe organ

Central Presbyterian’s Schantz pipe organ is a musical treasure. Thanks to generous gifts from members and friends of Central who cared about great organ music and great instruments and who believed that this congregation and community deserved a pipe organ on a scale and quality which complemented Central’s sanctuary, the organ was originally installed in 1960. Thanks again to like-minded and generous folk, the organ was totally refurbished in 2008 and enlarged to 40+ ranks so that it could continue to serve as an inspiration to worshipers, concert goers, organists and future students.

In over 50 years of service the organ has led the congregation in song each Sunday morning, accompanied choirs, orchestras and soloists. Brides have thrilled to the organ’s tones as they walked down the aisle. The organ has been a source of spiritual connection and comfort in memorial services. It is difficult to imagine celebrating the joy of Christmas, the mystery of Lent and Holy Week, and the thrill of Easter Sunday without the magnificent sound of this wonderful pipe organ.

A list of the organ’s stop list and specifications is available for download PDF.