What We Believe

presbyterian-usa (c)As Presbyterians PC USA,  we are members of a reformed family of faith. We have many ways of worshipping, praying and singing and of serving God’s mission in the world, but in each and all congregations Presbyterianism means:

Faithful confession that God alone is Lord;

Emphasis on God’s covenantal relationship to humanity;        

Grace being entirely God’s action to which we respond in gratitude &   faithfulness;

The authority of Scripture & its role in shaping, forming and informing faith; 

 And  the living out of faith in the public sphere.

We pride ourselves on a heritage steeped in the value of education and a system of governing that maintains a balance between authority and freedom. The Presbyterian Church has been in the fore front of reform since its inception in the fifteen hundreds; leading the way over the centuries in promoting democracy, freedom, literacy, global mission, disaster aide, social equality, tolerance, self sufficiency, conservation, and peace. Presbyterians today are eagerly continuing this ministry with Christian brothers and sisters near and far, learning about and living out the message of God’s reconciling love through Jesus Christ to a hurting world.