“Planning a Good End”

Sunday Mornings 10:00 a.m. – 10:50 a.m.
Don Nead & Team will present a series on the various issues that come with the end of life – legal, medical, nitty-gritty issues and will offer suggestion and information about how to deal with them as well as how to discuss them with family and friends.
The more decisions we make about end of life issues, the easier it is for our survivors.
And folks, we are all going to do it, it is just a question of WHEN!

 April 23: Legal Issues :Dave Luhman, Lawyer

 April 30 : Medical Issues  video with  Dr. Cecilia May, Hospitalist

 May 7 : Nitty Gritty Issues at the End of Life – Rev. Dr. Don Nead

 May 14 :Talking with the Family and Others on the Issues! Rev. Bill Walthour – Retired Hospital Chaplain

 May 21: Wrapping up PAGE– opportunity to complete form which can be left with church office about final arrangements- Pastor Lucia Oerter, Don Nead and Bill Walthour

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