In the Mission Spotlight: YWCA Domestic Violence Program

 Each summer Central’s Adult Series of Classes has provided an excellent forum for discussing and learning more about many of the local, national and world issues that concern us all. In addition it has also been a source for information as to the various ways we can help and support these causes.

We feel though that providing this information should not be done just in the summer but should  done throughout the year. Thus we are presenting a bi-monthly series during which we will highlight a local group, its goals, programs and the many opportunities for you to assist their efforts.

Our First Group is the YWCA’s Domestic Violence Program

Domestic Violence and Violence Against Women

The YWCA has long advocated for the health and safety of women and girls. And, the YWCA is the largest provider of abused women’s shelters and domestic violence services in the country through our safety services, serving over 500,000 women and children annually. Violence against women takes many forms, including domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. These crimes impact millions of individuals and families in every community in our nation.

The YWCA supports anti-violence policies and programs that protect survivors, hold perpetrators accountable and work to eradicate sexual assault and domestic violence, trafficking of women and girls and dating violence. YWCAs around the country provide a variety of services and programs to address violence against women, ranging from emergency shelters, support groups and crisis hotlines.

Locally here in Lafayette the YWCA has several programs helping women to regain safety and strength and here’s how you can help. (For specific information on the programs available click on this link.)

Volunteer Opportunities

The YWCA offers various volunteer opportunities for community members. An individual or group can volunteer for a one-time service project or can provide a volunteer commitment on a regular basis for an extended period of time. When you volunteer with YWCA Greater Lafayette, you are helping to further our mission to empower women and girls and doing what matters right here in your own community.

·         Cleaning or doing yard work (scheduled as needed)

·         Assisting with children’s programming in the evening
Answering the domestic violence crisis hotline (operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) 
Answering phones, sharing program information, filing and copying 

·         Helping with 9-1-1 cell phones 

·         Working with Spanish-speaking clients and translating documents
Helping with outreach at community fairs and other events 
Processing mail (labeling, stuffing, sealing, folding, etc.)

·         Serving on an event committee (for example, helping to plan and implement Salute to Women, Clay Bowl Giving Project, Holiday Bingo & Silent Auction, Network Luncheon Series, etc.)

Domestic Violence Program Donations:

To donate items to the YWCA Domestic Violence Intervention and Prevention Program shelter
please contact the Domestic Violence Program Office at 765-423-4486.Current Shelter Needs:New towels and washcloths

New twin sized bed sheet sets

Batteries-AA and AAA

Light bulbs

Baby monitors

Lunch boxes

Over the counter medicine (cough medicine, allergy medicine, children’s tylenol)

Plastic containers with lids

Plastic cups

White kitchen trash bags

Walmart gift cards 

Cleaning supplies: (Windex, Bleach, Lysol wipes, Laundry detergent, Dryer sheets) 

 Please consider taking all other items, including clothes, to Chestnut Street Mercantile located at 231 Chestnut St. All proceeds from Chestnut Street Mercantile support YWCA program





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