CPC Foundation

Supporting God's Kingdom Today and Tomorrow

Supporting God’s Kingdom Today and Tomorrow

CPC Foundation

CPC Foundation Founded in 1956

Central Presbyterian Foundation
The Central Presbyterian Foundation exists for the exclusive purpose of promoting the religious, charitable and Christian education purposes of Central Presbyterian Church.

Foundation Incorporated in 1956
As an Indiana not-for-profit organization, that is also recognized as a 501(c) (3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service, contributions made to the Foundation are tax deductible. The Foundation is governed by a 12-member Board of Directors consisting of three current members of Central Presbyterian’s Session, three current members of the Board of Trustees, and six Foundation Sponsors.

40 Funds Support Many Purposes
The Foundation financially supports many of Central Presbyterian’s ongoing programs and reflects the dedication and contributions of the many members who have contributed to the Foundation over the past fifty plus years. The Foundation includes more than forty separate funds, which have been established by donors to provide funding for particular purposes, in the areas of adult and youth Christian education, church operations, foundation administration, church property improvement, music and missions. (See Annual Report for complete list of funds, and guidelines for establishing new funds.)

Making Your Gift
The Central Presbyterian Foundation is eager to assist members who wish to provide for the financial future of the Church’s ministry and mission. Gifts to the Foundation may be dedicated to assure the availability of funds to support particular programs of the Church, and may be made in the form of: 1) gifts of cash, 2) gifts of stock, 3) gifts of retirement plan assets, 4) gifts of life insurance, 5) gifts of real estate, 6) gifts by wills, and 7) gifts that produce lifetime income, including charitable remainder trusts and annuity gifts.

Becoming a Foundation Member
If you have questions regarding how to become a Central Presbyterian Foundation sponsor, please contact the pastors or any of the Foundation’s officers or directors. They will be glad to talk with you about how the Foundation can help you support the long term goals of Central Presbyterian Church.